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Crossroads: The Intersection Between Hip-Hop & Faith

The Crossroads: The Intersection Between Hip-Hop & Faith, seeks to explore what would happen if society infused the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth with the language and culture of Hip-Hop. From trauma to relationships, Crossroads examines various themes within hip hop to illustrate the ways in which hip-hop has influenced Christians and non-Christians alike.This book highlights people, organizations, and songs to build a case for the intersection between hip-hop and faith as a solution to curve the loss of current and future generations to a life without faith. It concludes that transformation can and has occurred when people and organizations speak the language of Jesus through the lens of Hip-Hop.

Xavier Brandon is a speaker, dj, radio personality, producer, podcastor, minister, author, and all around dope individual who curates content at the intersection of hip hop, faith, & culture. He was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Charlotte, NC, and currently lives in Atlanta,GA. In everything he does, he fuses knowledge, expertise, and love for people to create an Xperience unlike any other. Wanna know more, hit him up.

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